IMC Malinyu JV has been established to actively seek economic development opportunities for Ngadju Traditional Owners by Tenay Dimer and family.

With homelands encompassing the Fraser Range and Balladonia areas Tenay explains her connection to the land below​:


in December with the Tjirntu (sun) beating down. Under the shade of a Malinyu (Gum) Tree, Edward “Snowy” Dimer – my Pop – was delivered into this world, in between the regions of the Fraser Ranges and Balladonia this w​​​ould be his home for the early years of his life.

This area is extremely important to my family and our connection to the land. My Pop was literally born on the ground not 20kms out from where the Nova mine site is today. Our story is represented in our logo with the key elements of the ranges, the sun and gum tree depicted.”​​ Tenay explains​.

Through the journey of this joint venture Tenay intends to offer opportunities for Indigenous Employment and​ traineeships for Aboriginal people and as the business develops so too will the benefit to the community.

This majority owned Indigenous Business seeks to create a shared value for all stakeholders involved.​