IMC NEMMS JV was formed in 2015 and engages the Pilbara resources market as a 50% Nyiyaparli Aboriginal owned business.

The JV was initially established with the simple goal of buying a house to enable the Traditional Owner (TO) partners to return and reside on their homelands, 40 years after being forcibly removed as part of the Stolen Generation.

IMC NEMMS JV has since unlocked significant opportunities in the Pilbara mining market and as these opportunities have grown so has the benefit delivered to the communities in which we operate.

Aboriginal employment remains a key focus with the JV consistently surpassing its target of a minimum 20% Indigenous employment on each project, across management, supervisory and entry level disciplines.​


…one day down Roebourne way at Millstream, two men walked off from their camp and headed toward the indah, or pool, looking for tucker.

As they drew close to the water they came across a big old man red Kangaroo resting in the cool of the shade.

The hunters crept up, hungry with anticipation and launched a spear at the big boomer, but the fire-hardened shaft missed his heart.

At its terrible sting the old man Kangaroo leapt up in great fear and bounded away to the east bleeding from his mortal wound.

He first rested out toward Mt Newman, bleeding, he drew pause from the pain at Mindra Minjah, the sacred hill or yabu north of today’s town.

At the big yabu of Uluru he lay down, exhausted from his flight and drained of his blood which lay scattered in great arcs across the dreamtime country.

It was here he passed into the heart of Australia.

And where that blood had fallen and spilt and where it had glazed the land in rich red pools it lay and oxidized into mighty deposits of iron ore.

Today these great deposits sustain and give purpose to our people – us who are the custodians of the dreaming and the country walked by our ancestors.

Our business draws inspiration from this creation story, we express the sacred hill of Mindra Minjah in our logo, as the red and black yabu or hills.

Nyiyaparli Engineering and Mine Maintenance Services (NEMMS) was established in 2011 by senior traditional owners from the East Pilbara Region, with the primary goal of capitalising on the opportunities the mining industry has to offer for the benefit of all our family, and all indigenous people. All three owners are Nyiyaparli people, and Bruce Bung is a recognised elder.

Our vision is to turn IMC NEMMS JV into a leading Western Australian Indigenous Contractor and to provide life-changing opportunities to Aboriginal people. Through our success in delivering value to all stakeholders, we achieve our vision of enduring community benefit.​​​

Our Directors

Bruce Bung- Director

Bruce is a recognised Nyiyaparli Elder and Senior traditional man. In this capacity he is an important teacher of Nyiyaparli lore and culture and a custodian of the Mindra Minjah story which tells of how the Pilbara’s rich endowment of Iron Ore was formed in the dreaming time. The IMC NEMMS JV company logo of the red and black “hills,” draws its inspiration from this important dreaming story. As an accomplished public speaker Bruce has a proud track record of influencing the Resources Industry in the adoption of a culturally sensitive approach to business.

Sue Bung- Director

Sue spent her formative years moving around the Pilbara and Gascoyne with her family as they pursued seasonal pastoral Station work. She now devotes significant time to a range of Directorships governing various Nyiyaparli Corporations including NEMMS, where she is a founding Director. Along with siblings Bruce and Frances, Sue founded NEMMS in 2010 with a view to self-determination and to underpin their desire to return and reside on their homelands for the first time in over 30 years.

Frances Bung- Director

Frances is a founding Director of NEMMS having helped build the company since inception in 2010. As a strong family woman, she is motivated in business to improve the opportunities available to her family and to return and reside at her birthplace in Newman. She is actively involved in recruitment of Aboriginal candidates to work on IMC NEMMS JV projects