PKKP Enterprises Ltd has been established to advance the Education and Economic participation pillar of the PKKP peoples Strategic Plan.

It is guided by the PKKP people’s vision which emphasises building a strong and sustainable community with strong country connection.

The company’s key priorities include the generation of economic sustainability for its parent, the PKKP Aboriginal Corporation, and provide employment and training opportunities for PKKP people.


That day marked the official recognition and determination of Native Title.

At the gathering of the two language groups and Government and court
officials, our Elders spoke of the importance of having country recognised.

One Elder summed up the feeling of all of the claimants, in delivering the
following speech:

“We are one family and now the journey has finally ended. We have
always known who we are and where our Country is, but now we have
been formally recognised by the court. This gives us an opportunity to
move forward as a family”.

The Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura (PKKP) Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC holds in trust, the native title rights and interests for the PKKP people.

The PKKP Aboriginal Corporation was formed in 2012 and was appointed as RNTBC following our determination of native title in 2015.

This was a momentous day, when our connection to our country and our culture was formally recognised. Our native title determination covers approximately 10,888 km2 in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Having our rights recognised has heralded a new era of renewal for our people, providing us with a strong footing to pursue our cultural, social and economic aspirations.

The native title determination further strengthens and supports our ability to continue to practice our traditions, care for, and have a say over what happens in our country.

We have grown and developed since 2015. Our original vision set out a pathway for establishing our organisation and creating programs that assist our people.

On the 6th February 2019, PKKP Aboriginal Corporation established a commercial arm, PKKP Enterprises Ltd, to drive economic sustainability, employment and business opportunities for the PKKP people.

IMC PKKPE JV is a 50% Indigenous owned Joint venture between Indigenous Partnerships Australia (IPA) and PKKP Enterprises Ltd.

The PKKP story is represented in our logo and the image depicted is explained; “The centre is Country. The two maroon arches are the two language groups. The white circling the arches are the members and employees. The lines radiating out from the arches is the knowledge and culture to care for the people and country, being given to members and employees.”

The joint venture was formed around specific opportunities sought at FMG’s Eliwana Project and sees the partnership move quickly to mobilise for its first project.