Recognising the
shared story of
every Australian.

Indigenous Partnerships Australia (IPA) is an affiliate company of IMC, formed with the express purpose of partnering with Traditional Owner businesses across Australia.

IPA seeks to align our business objectives with our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) objectives, and critically, the discovered objectives of the Traditional Owners who we partner with.

Central to IPA’s mission is its management system, providing a clear framework for the identification of new partners and a defined pathway to help these businesses grow and expand their capability.

You can find our Reconciliation Action Plan here.

Following the success of our first Joint Venture Partnership with the Bung family and NEMMS we have expanded partnerships across WA facilitating our partners engagement with Mining Operations on their land.

Our partners track through our management system over several years on a learning path that fulfils their objectives for themselves, their business and their community.

Each of our partners brings with them their story, teaching us the powerful connection they have to their land.

All IPA joint ventures have 53% Indigenous Ownership

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