FMG Pilbara Transmissions Project- Access Track and Pole Pads

March 2020 to September 2020

Solomon to Iron Bridge Mine Sites, Pilbara, Western Australia
March 2020 to September 2020

The company was engaged to complete the earthworks for construction of the 223km Power Transmission Project for Fortescue Metals Group (FMG).

The 220kV dual circuit transmission line will provide power for the operation of Fortescue’s new Iron Bridge Magnetite Mine, via transmission link to the Solomon Mine Site.

During construction the crew was required to operate from 3 different accommodation locations and continuously relocate the work fronts across the 9 separable portions that made up the project.

A team of 21 people and dozers, excavators and graders were utilised to complete the work. Construction starts at the Iron bridge Mine and moves south down the FMG rail infrastructure to completion at the Solomon Mine site. Mobile offices, crib rooms and workshops have been developed to allow the repeated relocations of equipment and keep the required resources close to the work crews.

Construction starts with the team completing a detailed survey of the areas and setting out the design which also includes the Land Use Certificate and ground disturbance boundaries. The clearing and grub is completed using dozers and excavators with the vegetation being stockpiled on the edge of the sites for future rehabilitation. The top soil is also stripped using graders and following a similar process. The tracks are 6 m wide and the pads are 20 x 20 m to allow for the safe access for the construction equipment to install the transmission line. The pads are built using cut to fill methodology with the areas being compacted with a 20t pad foot roller. Plate bearing testing is then used to verify construction of the areas has been completed to a suitable standard for safe access for the piling rigs and cranes. The project also accesses another 8 third party lease areas and crosses 13 rail and road crossings during the construction period. A detailed MDR is also prepared which includes the test results, as built drawings and redline mark ups.