Rail Infrastructure Services

February 2018 to ONGOING

Rio Tinto
Rail Network, Pilbara, Western Australia
February 2018 to ONGOING

IMC-NEMMS JV is contracted to support our client in the provision of ballast handling, haulage and miscellaneous services required of the RTIO rail network, based out of Karratha.

The scope of work includes the management of rail ballast stocks at various sidings throughout the extensive RTIO rail network. Working closely with Train schedulers, the team is on call 24hrs per day to meet the client’s ballast movement plans across the network in response to the ongoing needs of operations, construction and maintenance. The team also coordinate ballast drops and various road maintenance activities to maintain a minimum standard of access to infrastructure across the rail network.

In support o fthese activities, the equipment we use to load Bballast trains include High Lift 972 sized loaders with dust suppression and ballast washdown delivered via a fleet of Rigid Water Carts.