Yandicoogina Wet Fines Diversion

9 months

Rio Tinto
Pilbara, Western Australia
9 months

We were initially engaged to design, construct, and commission
a 1200tph conveying system at the ore processing facility (OPF) as part of a processing trial to increase plant performance through diversion of wet iron ore fines.

During delivery of this contract and following the initial success of the trial, we were awarded further work to construct a 6.5km haul road and provision of load and haul services via fleets of Rigid Haul Trucks and Triple Road Trains to rehandle 1.3m tonnes of product to the TLO for a further 10 months.

Project completion and decommissioning was aligned with the clients newly constructed OPF coming online. Delivery of the conveyor system included electrical design and engineering packages to integrate into the client’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) operations software. A key to the success of the project was our ability to respond quickly with a cost effective solution for the client, enabling them to progress a processing concept to trial and ultimately into production adding significant additional capacity to existing mature infrastructure.