Asset accumulation

At IPA we work with our Joint venture Partners to develop and grow their businesses through our learning pathway. On this journey we have key milestones which give our partners steps towards self-determination in business.

These initially start as small steps personally, but to speed the process up we focus on asset ownership within our business. We work with each partner towards financing a piece of equipment, operating on one of our many sites for an extended hire period to support continuous income from varied sources, a key plank in business stewardship.

The benefits to accruing assets are numerous, they kick start our partner’s business, navigate the hurdle of early income generation (allowing our partners opportunities to earn money whilst learning and developing their business skills) and finally growing their asset base leading our partners to a position of equal participation in our joint venture projects.

Each of our partners comes to us with a different background, a set of circumstances and ability to contribute financially to our partnership. At IPA we support our partners to start their journey on a steady footing, helping them to have access to the right advice and tools from whichever level they start.

For IMC Goomarin JV partner, Jarrod Hayden, the next milestone has been met this last month with the purchase of a grader, another asset and first piece of “yellow” gear which will be working on one of our sites.

Jarrod Hayden said “it has been a long 3 and a half years with many ups and downs but rewarding to get this far and I look forward to further win / win opportunities for our clients to cement our place in the civil and mining industry within Noongar country. I will be forever grateful to have met and have the opportunity to partner and learn from industry experts to build my capacity and capability by getting hands on experience and in depth knowledge in Business leadership. My partnership with IPA and IMC has shown me a pathway to create a sustainable enduring Indigenous business which will provide life changing opportunities to further benefit my community.”

Photo: Jarrod Hayden with his Mine Spec Light Vehicle hired to site in 2018.